A brief summary of the lyrical themes explored on Tyler the Creator’s “Goblin”:

  • 1. Feeling emo makes me want to be provocative.
  • 2. Why are people provoked whenever I say something provocative? This is so unfair and makes me feel emo.
  • 3. Repeat step one.

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    LMAO as usual, Jsmooth nailed it RIGHT on the head about Tyler The Creator… I hope all you bandwagon Tyler/Odd Future...
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    It seems I’ve underestimated both the gravity of Cosby gifs and the subtleties of Jay’s humor. Henceforth, I shall only...
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    Lol. Simply all my anticipation for Goblin has gone down an oldman vortex. I didn’t download the leak over the weekend...
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    A brief summary of the critical themes explored in Jay Smooth’s recent music writing:
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    The problem when you listen to too much conscious rap. Actually this, and the body of work they’re developing, is in a...
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    Okay, so I’m even less confident now in my pronouncements about rap/hip-hop; it’s also abundantly clear that for most...
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    This is the only thing that will be posted on my blog about Goblin.
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